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The beauty of the Middle Empire

A duo of hosts, Xu Li from China, and Jérémy from France, travel across China immersing themselves into the artistic, cultural and culinary history of the regions encountered, as well as uncovering innovative technologies.

This is a way to apprehend the country as it opens up, all the while maintaining its ancestral culture and traditions.

THE SILENT PANDEMIC [52’] or [90’]

The resistance to antibiotics

The world is on the cusp of a major threat: bacteria are developing resistance to existing antibiotics faster than new ones are coming onto the market. An ever-widening gap is opening.

For the first time in recent history, we must accept that not all bacterial infections are treatable - with implications in all areas of medicine, from surgery to oncology.

The WHO has been using the term "silent pandemic" because antibiotic resistance is creeping, unnoticed in society, but with the potential to upend our health system.


The climate war in the form of a thriller

Backstage at the Paris Agreement, we meet its important actors and recreate the suspense, tension and all the twists and turns behind the unfamiliar but essential negotiations that were held in December 2015.

What happened away from the public eye that could help us understand the political, economic and social issues of climate change?

With its various characters, its ticking clock and apocalyptic scenarios, this film has all the ingredients of a suspenseful thriller, even if we are facing a frightening reality.


The dictatorship of ratings

Nowadays, whatever we do, it always ends with the same request: please provide a rating.

Whether a colorful scale from 0 to 10 or 1 to 5 playful stars, it’s quick and painless for the person providing the rating.

This film critically examines the “democratization” of rating systems and the consequences of this practice in our personal lives and for our collective freedoms.


A lobbying giant

You will never look at your medicine cabinet the same way.

Big pharma is big business and influences the economy and politics.

This film investigates the lobbying practices of this industry, which can dictate government health policies, possibly to the detriment of our health.


Change or disappear

In a fast-paced changing world, companies must exit their confort zone, break taboos and invent new business models.

This series helps us understand the disruptions that are shaking up industries and their players.

With each episode, men and women share their expertise and vision on digital, innovation, management, customer experience and responsibility.


Number one destination in the Caribbean

Located between Cuba and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic has become the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Each year, the country welcomes five million holidaymakers, a record for this small country of eleven million inhabitants renowned for its gentle way of life.

But who really benefits or suffers from this economic growth?

FACE TO FACE [16x52’]

Their rivalry has often changed society

This is a series of comparative portraits featuring 2 well-known figures, seen through the prism of their rivalry. Adversaries, opponents, the best or worst of enemies... They have all been groundbreaking leaders in their fields: politics, science, technology, economy or the arts.

For each of them, their opposition became a driving-force and a constant challenge. The scale and scope of their contention went far beyond mere personal antagonism, and the results of their confrontation have often changed society and deeply impacted our lives.


A desire for independence

Since the annexation of Hawaii by the United States in 1893, the descendants of the original Polynesian people have lost almost all their land.

Many wealthy Americans have heavily invested in the archipelago, building spectacular villas.

Today, an anti-American and independence sentiment is on full display.


The digital blue collars

Our smartphones have become indispensible companions to our contemporary lives.

Apps such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Deliveroo, Uber, Airbnb, Booking, Tinder… magically respond instantaneously to our needs, wants or desires. But we tend to forget that behind the apps are thousands of men and women that work everyday to make them operate seamlessly.

What does the day-to-day life of the digital low-paid worker looks like?


The digital blue collars

Our smartphones have become indispensible companions to our contemporary lives.

Apps such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Deliveroo, Uber, Airbnb, Booking, Tinder… magically respond instantaneously to our needs, wants or desires. But we tend to forget that behind the apps are thousands of men and women that work everyday to make them operate seamlessly.

What does the day-to-day life of the digital low-paid worker looks like?


The first female dictator in history?

The future of North Korea lies with a woman, not only the sister but, as of now, the head of the Kim family’s kingdom.

To understand the geopolitics of Asia, one must consider North Korea, the cornerstone of a continent where the Cold War has never been resolved, where the fractures between the socialist bloc and the American empire still write history every day.

This compelling portrait of Kim Yo-jong is of the utmost importance since she is at the center of a game she seems determined to play hard.

KRESTY [90’]

One of the oldest and largest prisons in Russia

Kresty is one of the oldest and largest prisons in Russia. Located in the center of Saint Petersburg, its history reflects the history of the country.

Throughout its 130-year, thousands of people have passed through these walls: revolutionaries, engineers, generals, writers, poets, scientists, thieves, serial killers.

The Kresty prison is society in a nutshell, where human vices as well as fortitude, freedom and dignity reveal themselves to the fullest.


A country built on violence

When, on the eve of Joe Biden's inauguration, pro-Trump activists stormed the Capitol, the world was in shock. Yet, this violence is not new to the United States, where mass shootings and police brutality regularly make the headlines.

What's more, aren't these bursts at the very foundation of the American psyche, a country built on the bloody colonization of Native American lands and marked by centuries of slavery and racial segregation?


The challenge of increase life expectancy

In 2050, there could be as many as 400,000 centenarians in France and a million in Japan.

If life expectancy continues to rise, the majority of us will live to be between 90 and 100 years of age.

But what is life like once you reach 100? And what views do these seniors have of the world they live in? To find out, we meet centenarians from France, Japan, the USA and Italy.


Men’s wildest fantasies

Desire no longer guides couples towards a sentimental relationship, but rather forces them to the solitude of an egocentric eroticism.

As a result, Tokyo is the biggest sex shop in the world. Every night, thousands of strippers, love dolls and sex toys become men’s wildest fantasies.


A society full of contrasts

With its 130 million inhabitants, Mexican society is complex and full of contrasts, with customs varying from one state to another, from one community to another.

It is one of the most progressive countries in Latin America despite the weight of the Catholic religion and the family.

Behind its open conservatism, a young population challenges the prohibitions and advocates relaxed morals.


A symbol of sensuality and freedom

In the 60s, beaches were the places where glamour met the dolce vita and symbolized sensuality and freedom. Seaside living became a lifestyle when the rest of the world was dealing with the cold war, a man was setting foot on the moon, the flower power was the craze and everybody proclaimed the motto “Born to be Wild”.

From Copacabana to Saint-Tropez, passing by Capri, Malibu and Daytona Beach, the “places-to-be” had all the same denominator: bursts of energy, youth and tanned bodies.


A not so rosy reality

Fifty years ago, Orlando was just a farming town, growing oranges. Today, it is sprawling and frenetically developing, with no other American city growing as fast.

But Orlando is also the worst city in the country when it comes to accommodation, ahead of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Houston. In 2019, only 13 flats were available for every 100 applicants.


Confrontation, manipulation, and intrigues

In 21st-century Russia, power is personified, and Putin has become an unavoidable figure, a modern Tsar at the head of a pseudo-democracy.

How far will he go in achieving his international ambitions?

Thanks to remarkable first-hand accounts from former ministers, counselors, diplomats, and experts who discuss their encounters with Putin and the confrontation, manipulation, and intrigues they have experienced, this film provides an original analysis of his political and military strategy and its impact on the world.


Timeless and beautiful places

SOMEWHERE ON EARTH brings us to timeless and beautiful places, untouched by man, where the daily lifestyle of women, men and children unwinds naturally, unaffected by time.

The inhabitants of these exceptional territories invite us to share their world, their stories, their everyday lives and their memories.


Where the greatest number of hundred-year-old live

Living better and longer, that is the challenge successfully met in intriguing regions known as blue zones, home to the greatest number of hundred-year-olds.

A naturopath and a family practitioner try to solve the mystery of this longevity, setting out to discover 4 regions.

Biology, genetics, social links, environment, physical exercise and diet; all these aspects are examined to answer a key question: what are the secrets of the longevity of these blue zone’s inhabitants?


North Korea's ultimate plan

In the geopolitics of our time, North Korea takes center stage. It is at the top of the international agenda of the great powers because of its strategy of constant threats carried out by three successive generations of the ruling family.

With the help of leading experts, including former Pyongyang regime officials, this film seeks to uncover North Korea's ultimate plan, its goal, and the length it is ready to go to achieve it.


A new Pope takes office

A rare and never-before-seen look inside the Vatican while it lives through a decisive moment in its history.

From the moment the new Pope took office, our crew has been able to capture life in this famously secretive environment.

During the course of several months, our cameras followed the daily lives of the men and women, both religious and secular, who work for His Holiness and the Vatican City.


Expanding human activity while preserving resources

This film focuses on sustainable development and, more specifically, on innovative solutions to address social, environmental and economic issues in a way that does not jeopardize the future of our planet.

From Thailand to Senegal and France we follow the action of people and organizations which demonstrate that it is possible to expand human activity while preserving resources and bio-diversity.

UTOPIAS? [6x52’]

Dreamers who refuse the world as it is

Utopians can be found anywhere from Belgium, Israel, the Philippines, or the Amazon Forest.

This series is an immersion into their habits and rituals, as well as the unexpected, from early morning until late at night.

We get acquainted with these dreamers who refuse the world as it is.


A grandiose dinner

Versailles is synonymous with politics and power.

For a head of State, dinner at the chateau is one of the greatest honours France can bestow on a guest. The list includes Kennedy, Reagan, Khrushchev, Queen Elizabeth, the Shah of Iran, Colonel Khadafi…

This unique film is built on the archives of these grandiose events, demonstrating that even three centuries after the death of Louis XIV, Versailles retains its spellbinding attraction.


The main crop grown worldwide

Wheat dates back to the dawn of farming. Now, millennia later, it’s the main crop grown worldwide and the basic food for a third of the world’s population.

In France, Europe’s leading producer, wheat plays a major role in agriculture and national culture.

But those who grow wheat are threatened by climate change and the instability of prices on the world market. So a question arises: is this the end of the golden wheat sheaf’s reign?


A young girl battles leukemia

On April 5, 2012, director Bruno Romy and illustrator Annabelle Cocollos learned that their daughter, Mika, who was 6 years old at the time, had leukemia.

The family decided to document her battle towards being cured.

This film is a combination of drawings, photos, animation and live footage, a moving account of a heartwrenching situation.