The wonders of Tahiti and its islands

ICONIC POLYNESIA is a series of short films highlighting practices as well as cultural and tourist sites among the most emblematic of Tahiti and its islands.

Each episode highlights the wonders of Polynesia, with breathtaking images, accompanied by the words of those who bring these places to life. They share a culture, know-how and environment that have elicited dreams in many who haven’t had a chance to visit.


A profitable business solution to an endemic problem

Africa has been confronted to major food shortages. This series look at some exciting food stories coming from that continent.

Successful new cultures and practices have been implemented to deal with the situation and allow families to feed themselves.

More surprisingly, these experiences have turned into solid and profitable businesses.


Where all kinds of colourful characters meet

In a barbershop located in one of the strongholds of the African diaspora in Paris, Grand Prêtre, a bad barber, dreamer and unintentional comic tries to salvage his business thanks to his indispensable wife, Mère Bijou, who clearly wears the pants in the house.

The shop is where all kinds of colourful characters meet. We catch up with 2 regulars: Vieux Soulard, a professional soccer player famous in Mobutu’s time, and Aller-Retour, who gets the most unlikely customers in.


No limits

Our experts choose 2 cars and push them to the limit to compare them.

Which one will turn out the best?

CARS TRIALS [352x9’]

In depth reviews

New models or forgotten classic, our experts present all the cars you dream of, down to the last detail.

Nothing escapes their sharp eyes.

CRAZY CARS [40x1,5’]

Driven by imagination

A compilation of the craziest and most hilarious cars.

It is just incredible what can de done with a body and 4 wheels.


A British view on France and its inhabitants

Who are the French? Why are they so peculiar? This country seems to relish standing apart for the better or for the worse.

In this series, a very British director digs into the French paradox by taking an offbeat tour of its quirkiest traditions. There will be plenty of action: snail racing, frog jumping, duck plucking and lemon sculpting. Last but not least, we pay homage to cheese and worship at the temple of wine.

Funny. Surprising. Offbeat. Delectable. Outlandish. This is France like you've never seen it before.

Also available as 30x5'


The future workers' amusement park

Kidzania is an unusual amusement park in Tokyo. Kids come here to experience what is an adult working day is like by trying the job of their dreams. At hands they have a real plane cabin, a full size TV studio or firemen trucks. Everything is highly realistic.

But thanks to sponsors, Kidzania also offers much less glamorous positions that the children must experiment such as fast-food waiter or delivery man.

And after a full and exhausting day at “work”, there is one last mandatory place to stop by: the job centre.


Driven by passion

They are bookseller, hairdresser, haberdasher, grocer...

This series paints the portrait of merchants who, against all odds, carry on their activities despite the daily difficulties and the competition from the Internet and supermarkets.

We travel all over France to meet the men and women who keep these nostalgic small businesses alive in a rapidly changing world, driven by their passion and love of their profession.

Also available as 12x13mns

PLEASURES [12x13’]

The matters of luxury

This series is a sensual tribute to these noble materials which, once worked and shaped by craftsmen of genius, give birth to unique objects that define luxury.

A journey to the heart of the matter and its sumptuous metamorphoses from materials as diverse as leather, silk, crystal, chocolate, flowers or precious stones.


A space for freedom or propaganda

Supporters and opponents of Vladimir Putin are fighting a bitter battle on Runet (the Russian Internet).

The Kremlin is taking a close interest in Runet, which is now bombarded with propaganda and fake news. But despite repressive legislation and the zealous vigilance of cyber-militiamen supported by the government, independent political video bloggers have millions of followers and weigh in on public issues.

This web series presents those who use this space for exchange, freedom or propaganda for an unprecedented radiography of the Russian society.


Stories and recipes to shine at dinners

Fred Chesneau, aka the "Globe-Cooker", welcomes us in his charming Paris workshop introducing emblematic products before cooking them.

He spent years travelling the world to discover authentic recipes, and now, he reveals the origins of the most famous dishes such as pasta, hamburger, pizza or paella.

This series will help you shine at dinners thanks to both your cooking and the stories that accompany it.