The stars and the supporting cast of the animal kingdom

Format: HD
Duration: 5x52’
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Available versions: French | English
Rights: All Rights | Worldwide
Director: Jean-Marc Dauphin
Production: AMPERSAND


At first glance, the African wildlife seems all too familiar. The stars, such as the elephant or the lion, have been extensively covered as well as the supporting cast, from the gazelles to the birds. But even if their lifestyles have been overexposed, the animals of the savannah remain a constant object of fascination and some questions have been left unanswered.

Where do they come from and what was their evolution over the ages?
How and why did they choose their environment?
What’s their real diet?
Do they have an unexpected social organization?
What if their behavior was not so obvious and predictable?

Based on the latest research and illustrated with spectacular footage, this series revolves around 3 themes: understand, learn and surprise.