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Tale of a peculiar friendship

Format : one-off
Duration : 52’
Available versions : Italian | English
Director : Harald Pokieser
Author : Harald Pokieser
Rights : TV / World except German speaking Europe, UK, Irlande, North America

Watching wild beavers requires much luck: during summer they spend their days sleeping and in autumn they become active but only at night. If anything unusual happens, they flee and stay away for days. Subsequently there are very few films scenes that show anything but beavers swimming.

With incredible patience, Tomas Hulik, a Slovak biologist, has worked a miracle and a world premiere: to establish a friendship with wild beavers. They allow him to sit with them at night when they are felling trees and to follow them wherever they go.

His secret: some 550 nights shared with beavers in the dark forest – in spite of mosquito swarms in summer and frosty storms in winter.