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My roots are here

Format : series
Duration : 10 x 24’
Available versions : Mandarin | English
Rights : All rights / Worldwide except Taiwan and China

Home. There is no place like it anywhere in the world. Cooking, eating, resting… it is at home that the simple activities of life occur, forming the everyday scenes that however differ from place to place.

Homes could be mud huts in the grasslands, bamboo houses over the waters or wooden ones in the mountains. All of them reflect a culture, a people and way of life.

How do the architecture and furnishings reflect the local geography, climate and customs? How does the residents’ way of living embodies their notions about homes? What hopes and ideals do people uphold with regard to their homes?

This very unique series unveils the philosophies of living for Asian families from Burma to Japan and the Philippines to Korea.