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Small is beautiful

Format : series
Duration : 12 x 26’
Available versions : French | English
Director : Manuel Lefèvre
Producer : AMPERSAND
Co-producer : LEFEVRE
Rights : All Rights / Worldwide

The ocean has its stars: dolphins, sharks, Manta rays, whales; and then there are the others, the humble and the discreet, which can only get the limelight thanks to a Disney movie.

Yet, from the clown fish to the octopus, the lionfish to the cleaner fish, without of course omitting the coral, all these creatures are the essential characters of the riveting marine life theater. But how much do we know of them?

With its playful narration and exceptional HD footage, FISH LIFE brings a new vision of this underwater universe. You will discover the secrets of its inhabitants through a profusion of colors, shapes and behaviors which will fascinate the whole family.