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Nature’s amazing capacity to adapt

Format : one-off
Duration : 52’
Available versions : French | English
Director : Philippe Calderon
Rights : Alls Rights / Worldwide

The Hoanib River flows in Namibia. However, it only fills up during the rainy season and never flows far from its source. The river is host to an incredibly complex food chain which begins with insects and continues right through to larger animals such as baboons and elephants.

Life in this desert is fragile and almost totally dependent on the seasonal arrival of rain. Because of the intense heat, water evaporates very quickly and quite large pools can vanish in a matter of hours. What is incredible is how quickly a plethora of life forms can appear and breed in such a short space of time once the water arrives.

PHANTOM RIVER follows the course of the river and observes the survival strategies of the animals who depend on it.