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The distress of dry land animals

Format : one-off
Duration : 52’
Available versions : French | English
Rights : Available Worldwide on December 1, 2017 for standard television only

Once a year, while the waters of the Amazon are at their lowest, a deluge of unprecedented violence falls on the forest. Within a few months it will be drowned under almost 30 meters of water, with only the top of few trees poking out.

The forest animals’ survival is at stake. Some take refuge on treetops, others go in search of the last dry lands while more than a few are stranded by the rising water. As solid ground habitat narrows, that of fish or pink dolphins extends to infinity. All must learn to live in a sunken forest.

This film tells the animals’ story replete with competition, anguish, danger and courage. THE SUNKEN FOREST is a mesmerizing and unforgettable story.