When two worlds come together

Format : series
Duration : 5 x 52’
Available versions : French | English
Director : Bonnie Brennan | Robert Visty | Franck Cuvelier | Etienne Verhaegen
Co-producers : ORF | MC4 | Durrie Enterprises | Media Video Company
Rights : TV, Video & Inflight

It is often said that the Human World and the Animal Kingdom have nothing in common. But sometimes this invisible frontier seems to blur. Unexpected situations emerge, unnatural behaviors are established.

Composed of five landmark films, MANIMALIA is an exceptional collection illustrating the complex and often very deep relationship that can exist between Man and Animal.

Can a gorilla talk?
Can a man live like a beaver?
Can friendship exists between a young boy and his elephant?

MANIMALIA explores the unbelievable and the extraordinary in the most charming way.