The protector of the Sri Lankan elephant

Format : one-off
Duration : 52’
Available versions : French | English
Director : Jean-Yves Collet
Author : Jean-Yves Collet
Producer : 13 PRODUCTION
Co-producer : CANAL +
Rights : TV, Video & Inflight

Taya Diaz is a journalist who knows more about Sri Lankan elephants than just about anyone else in the world. He could go on for hours about their history, their mythology and their role in Hindu and Buddhist religious ceremonies.

But the species is threatened with extinction by poachers and villagers intent on protecting their crops. So Taya Diaz has made it his mission to save these animals.

From world-famous elephant festivals to overcrowded elephant safaris, from the Pinwalla Elephant Orphanage to the Yala National Park, this film follows Diaz as he investigates the plight of the Sri Lankan elephant and tries to come up with a range of strategies which could guarantee its future.