A bigger bond

Format : one-off
Duration : 52’
Available versions : English | Arabic | French | Italian
Director : Veronique Nora
Author : Veronique Nora
Rights : All rights / Worldwide

In the heart of the Burmese jungle, the elephants are government employees. Without them, the forest would not be exploitable. Their humans masters are called ‘’oozies’’. From one generation to the next, they have become masters in the art of elephant training.

An oozie lives and works with the same animal throughout his life.

Kionaing was born among the elephants. He is so confortable around them that he considers them just like pets, especially when they come begging for treats or jockey for his attention with their trunks.

At twelve, it’s time for Kionaing and Senshimi, his 5 year-old female elephant, to start a new life. Together, they are training to work in the forest. When they will be ready, he will become her ‘’oozie’’ for life.