Back to the wild

Format : one-off
Duration : 52’
Available versions : English | French | Italian
Director : Etienne Verhaegen
Author : Etienne Verhaegen
Rights : All Rights / Worldwide except Canada and Benelux

Birute Galdikas is a world famous primate specialist. She has spent the last 30 years protecting them against the human destruction of their habitat.

In order to prevent orang-outans from full extinction, she has opened in Borneo a sanctuary dedicated to young orphans, with the aim of reintroducing them into the wild. Each of them is assigned a human “babysitter” whose mission is to teach them their ancestral way of life in the oldest rain forest of the world.

Denis, her nephew, has followed his aunt in all her activities since his young age. At 12, he is undertaking for the first time his own trip to the jungle with the goal of finding a mother for the orphaned orang-outan he grew up with.